Kalamata 'Gold' Olive Oil Set

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Product Code M0205 
Package Warnished Wooden Box
Cover Gold painted 3D-relief or laser engraving Midas olive tree
Package Dimensions  15 x 40 x 9cm 
- Midas Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Early Harvest' 0.6 (500ml) 
- Midas Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Late Harvest' 0.8 (500ml) 


(*)   MIDAS Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.6 has been awarded ''GOLD Medal'' by MONDE SELECTION (Bruxelles) Committee ''2007 World Selection''.
(**) MIDAS Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.8  has now been included in the L'extravergine, a handbook which lists the best olive oils of the world. L'extravergine 2007, 2008 and 2009, edited by world authority and master taster Marco Orregia, is regarded as an international guide to Olive Oil.


"... Olive is nature, health, taste... Culture for thousands of years... Life... First pressed grain, First drop, First dipped bread... Sweat of brow... Joy... Happiness... Olive is a life style... Faithfulness... Passion... Abudance... Seriousness... Olive is a traditon to us for one hundred years..."

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